Monday, April 12, 2010 (photo tricks) has 2,500 more templates and special effects to use with your photos.
just upload your picture select effect then see you will find design on your photo
you will get what ever effect you want
on your photo this is one of the best site
so guys visit this site enjoy editing photos

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

this a free backgrounds sites they design backgrounds they always see cute products all background templets in this blog are so cool

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this is a blogger templates site

about this blog
owner of this blog is Lena Toews

She created Simply Fabulous Blogger Layouts to showcase all her FREE blogger templates. Looking out on the web, it was hard to find a high volume of quality blogger templates... so she started making her own templates in free time.
she made very beautiful templates once you visit u will love being their

link --
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ClockLink provides online clocks made from FLASH, that can be easily pasted onto a web page or blog simply by copying and pasting the HTML tag.

There is also an option to choose the appropriate time zone for each clock. We provide a variety of selection, including Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks, Count Down Clocks, Count Up Clocks, World Clocks, and many more.
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link --

On Glitter-Graphics you find a variety of graphics that you can use on your Myspace profile, Orkut page, Xanga page, weblog or any other kind of website. All graphics are free for personal use: no strings (or pricetags, for that matter) attached towards us. None of the images may be used for commercial purposes or re-distribution, unless you got permission of the image's owner.

If you want to share your own graphics or comment on already existing ones, feel free to join our community!

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its a beautiful blog people loves this each and every post is very useful , once yu wvisit this blog you will tell me how it looks
please visit this site
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Sunday, January 31, 2010


you will get beautiful themes here each post in this site are simply superb dont have more words, have alook here
click on link
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is adiWidget

adiWidge is the static image to be put at the corner of your web. It can be used to give the mood of your web with any image that you want. All of the items here are FREE! So, enjoy then... It is advised that you use the latest browser i.e IE7 and Firefox. adiWidget™ is not compatible with IE6 or below. Please visit

click on link here
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this is also a free blogger backgrounds site

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Theme Craft produces absolutely free and high quality Blogger template which is simple to install and easy to customize. We have always provided a Read Me text file in the professional Blogger template, which helps our user the most in achieving their installation.

How to install Blogger Templates?

  1. Sign into your Blogger’s account, choose the ‘Layout’.
  2. Under ‘Layout’ tab, choose the ‘Edit HTML’.
  3. Click ‘Download Full Template’ to backup your current template to your computer.
  4. Click ‘Browse’ and choose the template file provided in the downloaded file (e.g. sunset-farm-template.xml)
  5. Click ‘Upload’ to upload the Blogger template.
  6. Click ‘Confirm & Save’ if you decided to lose your current gadgets.
  7. Enjoy!

link to site

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This blog is for all blogger who wants to use new templates to replace the all-too-common templates provided by Blogger. There are tons of other templates out there, so, what makes this one different? They designed them with the priority of giving you huge freedom of modifying the templates completely - just from the Fonts and Colors panel.

When designing the Blogger templates here, they focused on the users' need to have full control of changing or modifying the templates easily from the Fonts and Colors tab in the Layout panel. This means that you can easily change the colors and fonts of almost all elements (background colors, font colors, font type and size) in these templates without going through the XML and CSS code. This is the easiest way to make your template personal and unique without tweaking the code.


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This site provides free blog templets

Free blogger templets
they have been designed beautiful templates for your site or blog. Beautiful, modern and intelligent plan that is a sign of your personality and intelligence in web area

they also provide web hosting reviews
, and games a lot more is there

why late visit site

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Monday, January 25, 2010

you’ll find a list of my Birdie templates available for everyone to use them! But there’s a few guidelines to follow:
  1. You are allowed to customize the template, but you must keep my credit in the template so other people can find it.
  2. You are NOT ALLOWED to reuse images for banners/designs, etc. The Birdie images available with the templates are only to be used in the templates, as provided.
  3. If you downloaded templates from ANOTHER WEBSITE, it’s probably an old version (and might have errors). So we advice you to re download it from here.
  4. If you want to list/offer templates in your website click on link u will fine more information


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Deluxe Templates was founded by Klodian on April 2009.
His goal is to give all Blogger users a new look, honestly a professional look.
this site provides designer templates, it has several templates

Features of the Templates Provided on this Blog

Easy to Install - The most important thing for me is to keep my visitors out of stress.So all the templates provided in this blog are coded in such a way that it would be easier for you guys to install it.

Excellent Designs - This blog contains most beautiful designs on the planet. Yes is true,because I convert only the best templates released by the best designers. Some of them were fully designed by me. I do give much importance to quality of the templates provided to you.

Excellent Support - All of these templates provided on this blog were coded by me. So if you need any help with these templates you can surely contact me via comments or via twitter and i would be happy to help. As these were coded by me, I would surely know how to help you out.. :

Read more provides the following service (Service) to you,
they prove, background layouts, banners, graphic toolbar, beautiful wall papers lot more stuff is there once visit and take as many as stuff you want

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this blog is made for simple use of making back grounds on blogs
free background was made to be used on a Blogger blog using the Minima template for the standard number of columns.
after entering in the blog kindly follow the tips of blogger

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This blog helps people to create beautiful blogs , they have a lot of designed templates
enter in the site select one beautiful template
paste in your blog layout , your blog will appears as u like

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this site is a designing site which designs back ground of blogs,
blog layouts • business identities • wedding invitations • holiday cards

birth announcements • stationary • wall art • photo cards • calendars
program covers • websites • and more!

the place for all your custom-designed or designed-to-order needs!
they love to customize a design specifically for your taste. We have many cute temp-lets to choose from. Take a look if you are in a hurry. They have an experienced design staff and have a passion for what we do. , they will chage some money for urgent designs

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it is very easy if u follow these steps , just enter into the site

click on back grounds
follow these steps
  1. Click the "download" link below the tag collection and save it to your computer
  2. Unzip Shabby Blogs sidebar tags and save to desired location
  3. Log into your Blogger account
  4. Click on the tab that says "Layout"
  5. Click "Add a Gadget"
  6. Select "Picture"
  7. Now click "Browse"
  8. Select desired tag and click "open"
  9. Now click "Save"
  10. Drag picture (new tag) to desired location and click "save"

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this is a site make your blog or site more beautiful,

there is no big process , just we have to enter into the site , select any thing and follow the rules this it u can make your blog beautiful
it take hardly 10 minutes

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do you need shower

Since the introduction of its hand-held shower systems in 1958, Alsons has been revolutionizing the way America bathes. Today the company offers hundreds of distinct choices. Designers, builders and remodelers may select from hand-held showers and shower heads in a wide variety of styles, functions, and finished to personalize any bath.

The company's shower products are available in complete units for easy installation. Alsons also offer individually packaged components for custom configurations - including all the styles, colors, mounting options, and accessories necessary to fulfill any shower need.

site link

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Monday, January 18, 2010

What is ICE HOTEL? A hotel built of ice and snow, would be the most common response. The first and the largest in the world, someone might add. But have thrilling stories to tell.
this site give details of ice hotel in Kiruna, Sweden


Few more icehotel sites
winter will be beautiful in this hotels

site link

2 web site link

3 website link
4 snow village is a beautiful place

have to visit


6 beautiful hotels
untravelled paths
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this is an ice company site
they will manufacture ice designs and sculptures
this ice sculptures will stay hardly 4-6 hours after 6 hours it will melt slowly these designs are used in ice hotels

few designs of Sclupture

every thing in is made of ice

for more details

link --

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Friday, January 15, 2010

way 2sms is message service between internet to mobile , way2sms sends message to mobile it

All you need is a valid Indian mobile number.

It’s absolutely free service . they charge from their advertisers. Advertiser’s funds for user communication. Way2SMS will not deduct or charge from Mobile users of any network

standard size of 160 characters they allow 140 characters s for user’s message, rest of the characters will be filled with "Sent via WAY2SMS.COM". This helps receiver to identify how the message has been sent,

you can send SMS to any mobile network in India. All you have to do is just enter 10 DIGIT mobile numbers and send SMS.

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