Friday, July 31, 2009


Ginipic takes image search to a whole new level. Now you can search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own local picture collections simultaneously. Find what you're looking for and use it instantly in your own creation - document, presentation, art work - you name it. Work alongside other applications with Ginipic in Dock mode. Did we mention it's completely FREE


Ginipic is a startup founded in early 2008, which revolutionizes the way people search and use online pictures/photos.
We started Ginipic because we noticed how much time it takes users to find pictures, photos and images and how many actions you need to take just to make the search result usable on whatever project you're working on, be it a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, a Photoshop project, etc.
Ginipic offers a new way to organize and search media on the web. With Ginipic you can search multiple sources with a single click and use search results in your project with a simple drag & drop. Also, we strongly believe in copyright issues and we make sure you see the appropriate owner details and copyright level for any given search result (if applicable).

1 Search multiple sources
2 Preview in detail with one click
3 Start using the picture instantly
4 Hundreds of results on a single page
5 Tag your favorite pictures

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Monday, July 20, 2009


this site is about Delhi tourism

once you visit site you will find Delhi

Delhi is India's main point of arrival for overseas visitors, and the major transport hub for destinations in the states of rajasthan, the Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh as well as central north India. Delhi city, the showacse of India, has been the centre of political activity from time immemorial. The ancient fortness, majestic buildings and historic ruins find their modern counterparts in the tall skyscrapers, diplomatic enclaves and well-planned townships of New Delhi. The people here, their lifestyles, traditions and even the climate are a rich and varied mixture of all that is india.

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This site is about mumbia for help of tourists

Mumbai, the biggest metropolis of India, is a city that virtually never sleeps. In this city of dreams, life never appears dull or boring, especially due to the presence of its interminable chaos and action. Generating the maximum share of country's revenue, Mumbai houses the country's largest production houses, stock exchanges, sea port and offices of some of the esteemed companies of the world. Not only is Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra, it is also called the Commercial Capital of India.

With a golden history of hundreds of years, Mumbai never fails to mesmerize its visitors amidst the heritage monuments. This brightest jewel of the country addresses over 15 million Mumbaikars, including the well-heeled industrialists, ravishing celebrities and eminent artists. Formerly called Bombay, the Island City is dotted with several beaches and natural harbor. On the tourism map of India, Mumbai has always entertained the maximum traffic from overseas.

Being the city of Bollywood, Mumbai allures thousands of aspirant actors and artists from all over the country. Experience its dazzling nightlife in bars, lounges, pubs, discotheques and beaches. Uncover the spiritual side of the magnificent city in its places of worship. Parks, gardens, museums, shopping malls, amusement parks, beaches and lakes define the charisma of this economic hub. Thus, without any delay, travel to Mumbai and see the glimmer.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free online books library for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.

youa can read books here
Absolutely FREE online books
Thousands of novels, poems, stories
Easy to read books online

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Scribd is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. Scribd's vision is to liberate the written word

"Scribd is the place where you publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents.... sharing ebooks, creative writing, research papers and even sheet music and recipes on''

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Download Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software and more. Mininova is the largest BitTorrent search engine and directory on the net with thousands of torrents.

1. Mininova is a torrent tracker and host site.

A torrent is a file that directs your computer (a torrent program more specifically) to a Tracker which then directs Peers (people also downloading that same torrent) and Seeds (people who have the full downloaded torrent and are sending it to other users)

Bittorrent is popular because it offers (depending on # of seeds/peers) a fast transfer rate and large files (1kb-100gb) there are many options when it comes to trackers and sites. Some of the most popular are Mininova, The Pirate Bay and Demonoid (invite only)

You need a bittorrent client to handle all of your downloads; one such as uTorrent should suffice for a new user.

2,Torrent website.

First you need a torrent client (i use azureus) and then you do just what you said.. type what you want in the search bar, click one of the results, and click download torrent. Open that .torrent file in your torrent client, and it will download.

Torrent is short for Bittorrent, a P2P technology. Originally invented as a way to transfer really big files without putting load on a server by splitting it up between multiple peers.. But now is mostly used for music and movie downloading and stuff.

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YouTube is a Vedio sharing website on which users can upload and share Vedios Three former PAYPAL employees created YouTube in February 2005.In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google for $ 1.65 billion, and is now operated as a Subscribers of Google.

The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash Vedio technology to display a wide variety of USER-guarenteed vedio including movie clips, Tv clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video bloggings and short original videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, although media corporations including CBS, the BBC, UMG and other organizations offer some of their material via the site, as part of the YouTube partnership program. Unregistered users can watch the videos, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. Videos that are considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users over the age of 18. The uploading of videos containing defamation, pornography copyright violations, and material encouraging criminal conduct is prohibited by YouTube's terms of service. Accounts of registered users are called "channels’’.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mobile games
will find mobile game here you can download it
action, children ,adventure like that 1500 games are here
once u visit you will find more information about games
you can also makes friends here

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This Free games site you can play here
you can play Action Games , Sport games , Multiplayer , Puzzle games alot more games are there
nearly 500 games are there u will enjoy playing games here
you cane download game here

Play and enjoy games

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Hype machine

The Hype Machine follows the music discussions thousands of people discuss here

In menu Bar you will find ,

Latest ; in Latest you will find latest music discusions

Popular; here songs scored most favourate you will find, every 3 days it will change

Twitter; most popolar songs are in here also every 3 day u fwill find new songs

Radio; Hype radio ., Spy ; this is just observing wat hpye uses are playing

visit site and enjoy your self

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VLC media player

VLC (initially VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, as well as for DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It also can be used as a server for unicast or multicast streams in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

Version 1.0 introduces more responsive controls, frame-by-frame playback, on-the-fly recording for all media, and support for a wider range of codecs, decoders, encoders, and demuxers.

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Flv player

FLV Player is a tool to play Flash FLV and H.264 (MPEG-4) videos with. This utility can come in handy when viewing many FLV and/or H.264 files. The installer comes with optional FLV file-association, so double clicking an FLV file opens and plays the file in FLV Player.

Version 2.0.25 adds 'video-only' mode (press [tab] to hide all FLV Player interface elements, note that you can still drag the video around), volume control with [arrow-up] and [arrow-down] keys, timer toggle (normal and milliseconds). Ability to skip forward with [arrow-right] key has been restore

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Real player 11plus

The media player that lets you download videos from the web

Use RealPlayer to save videos from websites like YouTube. Burn your saved videos to DVD to watch on TV, or transfer them to iPod.

DVD Burning

Easily burn your favourite videos and movies to a disc to view on TV, laptop, PC - anywhere you can play a DVD.

Transfer Web Videos To Your iPod

Transfer videos from thousands of Internet sites to your iPod with one click and watch them wherever and whenever you want.

Advanced Video Controls

Adjust your viewer just like a TV set. Handy sliders let you tweak your video controls for brightness, contrast, etc.

Analog Recording

Migrating your vinyl or cassette collection to the digital world, or recording your own voice? Tap RealPlayer’s capacity for Analog Recording, transporting you and your media into the digital domain.

10-Band Graphic EQ

Take control of your music. Optimise your sound exactly the way you like it with the graphic equaliser. Adjust your EQ for room size, input type, ete

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