Saturday, July 18, 2009

Download Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software and more. Mininova is the largest BitTorrent search engine and directory on the net with thousands of torrents.

1. Mininova is a torrent tracker and host site.

A torrent is a file that directs your computer (a torrent program more specifically) to a Tracker which then directs Peers (people also downloading that same torrent) and Seeds (people who have the full downloaded torrent and are sending it to other users)

Bittorrent is popular because it offers (depending on # of seeds/peers) a fast transfer rate and large files (1kb-100gb) there are many options when it comes to trackers and sites. Some of the most popular are Mininova, The Pirate Bay and Demonoid (invite only)

You need a bittorrent client to handle all of your downloads; one such as uTorrent should suffice for a new user.

2,Torrent website.

First you need a torrent client (i use azureus) and then you do just what you said.. type what you want in the search bar, click one of the results, and click download torrent. Open that .torrent file in your torrent client, and it will download.

Torrent is short for Bittorrent, a P2P technology. Originally invented as a way to transfer really big files without putting load on a server by splitting it up between multiple peers.. But now is mostly used for music and movie downloading and stuff.


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