Friday, July 31, 2009


Ginipic takes image search to a whole new level. Now you can search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own local picture collections simultaneously. Find what you're looking for and use it instantly in your own creation - document, presentation, art work - you name it. Work alongside other applications with Ginipic in Dock mode. Did we mention it's completely FREE


Ginipic is a startup founded in early 2008, which revolutionizes the way people search and use online pictures/photos.
We started Ginipic because we noticed how much time it takes users to find pictures, photos and images and how many actions you need to take just to make the search result usable on whatever project you're working on, be it a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document, a Photoshop project, etc.
Ginipic offers a new way to organize and search media on the web. With Ginipic you can search multiple sources with a single click and use search results in your project with a simple drag & drop. Also, we strongly believe in copyright issues and we make sure you see the appropriate owner details and copyright level for any given search result (if applicable).

1 Search multiple sources
2 Preview in detail with one click
3 Start using the picture instantly
4 Hundreds of results on a single page
5 Tag your favorite pictures

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